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June 25th, 2020

Greetings to All:

We are meeting together on Sunday Mornings at 10 AM; however, we are still weekly providing our worship services to you at the link below. We are currently meeting at 10am for Worship time only here at the Church. We want to encourage all to come and attend if you feel comfortable. Please Contact the Church Office to let us know if you plan to attend. We have been having issues with bugs in our LiveStreaming Services and as such had to suspend the livestreaming and use recorded services. We will be returning to our LiveStreaming Service this Sunday Morning, June 28th. We will continue to offer the service available on either recording or via LiveStreaming on on Sunday Mornings for those not here. We want to encourage you to view our Sunday Morning services that we are uploading each week, if you are able to continue to do so. We are providing a time of Communion as well. If you would like to participate, please prepare a cup of juice and a cracker. We are adding Morning Devotions that can be viewed online. These will be online every Monday through Friday. If you have difficulty in viewing these pages, please contact the Church Office and speak to Tony or contact Pastor Greg on his Cellular Phone, and we will work with you to resolve the problem.

We thank you all for your understanding in these times, and ask you to please let us know through the Church Office if you have a need or a concern that we might assist you in. We encourage you to contact us at the Church Office, or one of the Elders or Deacons, and let us know what we might do to help you in these times.

We want to thank you all for your continued Financial Support of the Church during these times. Your tithes and offerings do make a difference every week.

The Leadership of APCC

Prayer Updates:
Please Remember One another in prayer daily as well as our Nation and it's Leaders.

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