Wednesday Night Bible Study

Join us on Wednesday Nights for Bible Study at 6 P.M. Beginning as soon as possible, we will resume our Wednesday Evening Bible Study that we started back in January entitled 50 Commands of Jesus. I have decided that since we did not make a lot of progression into the study, to restart the study from the beginning. You are being asked as this will be an Online Study to download each lesson which consist of 1 page and print it so that you will have it to study from. Those lessons can be found on this page listed below. Please download and print the lessons as we will be providing you with a video lesson. If you have each lesson printed you will not have to pause the video to switch back and forth with the lesson. Should you choose, you may also contact the Church Office and set a time to pick up a Pre-Printed Lesson Book, the lesson itself however is taught online. If you have any questions please contact Pastor Greg or Tony and we will be happy to assist you in this process.

Please feel free to call 863-453-5334 during the Bible Study time to ask any questions that you may have and we will try to have them answered online for you.